Fall in love with who you were

designed to be

Ready to leverage your superpowers? Tired of feeling like you're pushing uphill? Unsure of your next step? Let's find your flow, and embrace your truest self while we're at it, by aligning with your Human Design. 



Fall in love with who you were                


to be

I get it: you’ve always been an achiever, aspiring to reach your highest potential and expand your possibilities. But the pressure and expectation you put on yourself to steadily improve is heavy. When things feel more forced than flowing your mind immediately jumps to judgements like:

“I’m not                  enough.”
“I need to move faster.”
“If I could just be more                  , everything would fall into place.”

You’re so used to pushing forward–or distracting yourself with another goal or project–because at least then you’re doing something. And that’s a lot more comfortable than sitting still in the quiet space where your mind can wander and wonder what you’re doing, why you’re here, and if you’re enough.

You are divinely designed to thrive, and you have an energetic blueprint that will show you exactly how to do that: your Human Design.

Think of it as your user-manual to flowing through life as your truest self–in alignment with your soul and your superpowers. And it’s here for you to discover.

It’s time to remember that

I know what it’s like to beat yourself up, question your instincts, and (death) grip to the “perfect” plan when achieving what you want isn’t going smoothly–or fast enough. But I’m here to tell you: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, and you’re exactly where you need to be. That friction you feel? It’s just the Universe trying to redirect your energy to a more aligned expression.

who you *really* are is more than enough


INTRODUCING decode your chart

Your energetic user manual for                               

Your energetic user manual for                     

soul aligned living


soul aligned




Decode Your Chart is a 90 minute Human Design Chart Reading to explore your most authentic expression.

It’s how you’ll align with your natural energy–and learn to use it with intention. It’s how you’ll embrace your unique superpowers (instead of trying to fix your “weaknesses”) so you can stop pushing and start flowing. It’s the clarity and permission you didn’t know you were looking for.

I’ve noticed how life has just gotten “easier” and it’s been a really healing experience.



read my chart!

Secure your date + get ready to feel seen, validated, and empowered!

What's included in Decode Your Chart?

Here you'll share your birth details, current challenges or desires, and what you’d most like to get out of your session, so I can connect the dots to your Human Design and provide you with a reading that's relevant right now!

We'll meet on Zoom to explore your energetic blueprint with as much interaction as you like! There will be moments of deep validation, relieving insights, and lots of fun as we peel back the layers of your Human Design.

With your reading recorded, you can be fully present instead of scrambling to take notes. This is a keepsake you can revisit whenever you need an energetic refresh, new insight, or a reminder of your innate magic.

live 90-min chart reading

alignment questionnaire

Audio recording

investment is $297 usd

I now feel empowered and in real alignment with my next coaching project and this truly was the catalyst that helped me get there.

Before this session with Bria I was feeling in a bit of a rut with my business, holding myself back and not taking action. This reading gave me exactly what I needed to get inspired and start to own what I want to offer, and confirmed things I have intuitively felt about myself but didn’t give myself permission to lean into or accept. Not only is the reading itself very insightful and inspiring, but the insights, pings and ah hah moments continue to come for weeks afterward.



Hi, I'm Bria—the Patrick to your David Rose.


I'm an energy alignment coach and 2/4 Generator, and I’ve been where you are, searching for the ever-elusive secret to success in yet another course or coach. Thanks to all the searching and shoulds, I burnt out with anxiety and depression. It took two years (and a lot of therapy!) before I reconnected with my authentic self through Human Design and started aligning my business and life with my energy—and when I did, everything started to flow.

My lit-up, Generator M.O. is mastering Human Design; diving deep into your chart to intimately understand how you work is how I work (Fear Motivation). I’ll empower you to love yourself and do business in your own natural way (Channel 34-10), and help you re-align anything blocking you from joyful business growth (Channel 58-18).

You can think of me as your business therapist–the Patrick to your David Rose, the wellness to your wealth, the salve to your stress–obsessed with helping you and your business to *finally* thrive on energetic authenticity, too. 


My Human Design chart will show you: I was made for this.

Everything has changed–I'm happier, I've lost the gnawing anxiety about choices, and I've lifted my energetic power field to align with who I really am. I am clear, empowered, and unstoppably energetic with joy in every decision and action. The best money I ever spent!

LENORA HELM HAMMONDS | Jazz Musician, Music Professor & Online Entrepreneur


what to expect

Human Design Readings provide a blueprint of the way your energy is designed to thrive. Consider it your unique user manual, from which powerful insights about your purpose, your identity, your superpowers, and your lived experiences will arise.

Here are some common examples of what we might cover during your reading: 


Inside Decode Your Chart





Connect with the conscious and unconscious archetypal themes that inform your personality, your creative expression, and how you are designed to engage with the people and world around you

Learn how to access your flow, manage your energy, and make aligned decisions so you can thrive as your Human Design Energy Type (Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector)

Explore your energetic gifts and top superpowers–as well as the growing pains, challenges, or shadows that may accompany them–and how these energies are currently expressed (or not) in your life or work

Unpack your lived experiences to gain fresh insight on the energetic dynamics at play, and illuminate where you’re out of alignment with your natural energy (or susceptible to misalignment through others’ influence)

Now I feel like my decision making process is faster and more physical than it was before. It's given me such confidence! 

Before my reading, I felt like something was missing in my decision making process. It was showing up a lot in my business. I just wasn't 100% sure that I was living in my design as fully as I could be, and I really wanted to use my innate gifts to the best of my ability. I've listened to all of the podcasts but I feel like I have a MUCH better understanding of how everything connects and I have actionable steps and things to practice! Now I am recognizing a YES now in my body before I am even able to speak it. I'm also recognizing a NO easier and more efficiently. Already looking forward to re-listening to my recording and gain even more insight. Thank you!



I feel like I know who I am now more than ever, and I have the tangible tools to help me step into that version of myself.

I was curious but tentative to invest in a Human Design reading, but I was blown away by the value Bria brought the experience. It was like reading a user manual on myself—she awoke so much I already innately knew about myself but never could have articulated without her, and she welcomed me to embrace those facets of myself as perfectly designed. If you're humming and hawing over a reading with Bria, just do it. Because EXPERIENCING a human design reading and Bria's intuitive wisdom is the only way to appreciate how much value it can add to your self-awareness and life.






Here's how it all goes down


Answers in hand, I’ll calculate your Human Design chart and start connecting the dots between what you’ve shared and your innate energy, noting any important themes or details that are especially relevant to you right now. 

When you book a Decode Your Chart Human Design reading, you’ll receive an Alignment Questionnaire where you’ll share your birth details, what’s happening in your life, and what you’d like to get out of your session.

On the day we’ll meet on Zoom–me armed with insights and you with an open mind. Based on your questionnaire–and my spidey senses defined spleen–we’ll explore your energetic blueprint together with as much interaction and flow as you like.





Post-session you’ll receive a keepsake audio recording of your reading that you can come back to again and again for insight, validation, inspiration, and reminders of how to align with your unique energy. It's a gift that keeps on giving.



Secure your date + get ready to feel seen, validated, and empowered!

$297 USD

Bria, you made me feel as though my innate gifts are needed in the world and thus, empowered me to begin to step into them more fully.

Before my reading with Bria, I felt as though I was swimming against the current, rather than with it. I was pushing through life, trying to force clarity and control and caught in-between seasons with no spark or drive to move forward. Now that I've learned how my intrinsic energy works and what my innate gifts truly are, I feel so much more confident and empowered to make decisions that will align with my human design and life's purpose. It feels incredibly freeing to let go of comparison, after finally believing that what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for the next. In playing our session back, the messages you shared with me are clicking and connecting to past thoughts and ideas I've had, making it much easier for me to choose what to move forward with.



You’re ready to awaken greater ease and flow


The reading was wonderful–it’s given me a sense of belonging and deep acceptance of who I am, which is something I feel like I've been searching for my whole life.


chelsea gained self-acceptance

You’re curious about (or love) Human Design and want to dive deeper into what it all means for you–you know there’s more value waiting beyond piecing together your own chart

Decode Your Chart is           for you if...


You’re in a rut, trying to force clarity and motivation while beating yourself up because you can’t find the spark or energy you need

You want to be more intentional in how you manage your energy, make decisions, and show up for your business or loved ones

There’s a dream or project you’ve been wanting to pursue, but something is holding you back from taking action

You’re unsure of your next steps, your purpose, or your gifts, and want clarity or confirmation of your aligned path

You’re in the midst of a transition–shifting careers, beginning or ending a relationship, becoming a parent, spiritual awakening–and want to navigate it with less friction

You’re feeling frustrated, pissed off, resentful, or disappointed towards yourself or your current situation

Decode Your Chart isn’t an airy account of the woman you could *become*. It’s an awakening of who you’ve always been and the guidance to let her lead. You’re ready to live and work lighter: to see purpose in your experiences, meaning in your challenges, clarity in your inner whispers, and magic in your shadows. Because fighting against your own energy is a lose-lose game.


You might be wondering...


Got more questions?

How is this different from an Unblock Your Biz intensive?

Chart readings are more informational and holistic–covering many aspects of your design and life–whereas Unblock Your Biz intensives are highly focused on overcoming a current block in your business. While we can certainly touch on business / entrepreneurship in a chart reading, we won’t be able to go into the specifics of what’s working or not working from a topical, strategic perspective. The goal of a Decode Your Chart session is to provide you with deeper self-awareness and energetic literacy that you can apply to all aspects of your life so you can better manage your energy, thrive in your relationships, projects, or other endeavours, and experience more satisfaction, peace, success, and delight.

Should I do a Chart Reading or Unblock Session first?

There’s no right or wrong place to start first, but consider what you’d most like to get out of your session:

If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner who wants to feel more connected to your worth, your superpowers, your purpose, or your path, a Decode Your Chart Human Design reading is most likely the right fit for you at this time. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of how to actually live as your energy type, so you can put your chart into action. Similarly, if you’re wanting a deeper understanding of your interpersonal dynamics, past experiences, or desires from an energetic perspective, a chart reading is the right fit for you.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck in your business and would love to kick-start your momentum, an Unblock Your Biz Intensize is most likely what you need right now. In these sessions you’ll uncover the deeper, energetic root of your stuckness, shift back into an empowered state, and leave with business-specific insights, tools, and action steps to carry you forward (all aligned with your Human Design, of course).

In short, Business Intensives are highly focused on your current business block, while Chart Readings are a more holistic look at your energetic blueprint. Either way, you will leave feeling lighter, validated, and armed with new insights you can implement right away.

How much does a Decode Your Chart reading cost?

These 90-minute Human Design readings are $297, and include a pre-call alignment questionnaire, as well as a keepsake audio recording of the session for you to revisit as often as you like. (Most clients say it's "the gift that keeps on giving" as they receive new insights with each listen.)

*All prices are in USD and subject to additional taxes where applicable. 

Do I need to know my exact birth time to work with you?

Ideally yes, but if you don’t we can likely get around that. Let me explain:

While an exact birth time–to the minute–is very important in calculating your Human Design accurately (in the deeper layers, things can change minute by minute) it’s also possible to reverse-engineer a pretty solid and workable chart if you have a window within which you know you were born. For example, if you know your birth time is between 2-3pm, we can look for any variations within charts calculated at regular intervals during that hour, to pinpoint which features remain consistent, and which change (if any). For the elements that change, I can often ask you questions about those elements to infer which variation is likely to be correct for you. You’d be surprised how much resonance and inner knowing you’ll experience when we hit on your truth.

If you’re unsure whether this applies to you, please send me an email to hello@soulrush.co or hop into my DMs on Instagram: @soulrush.co

I'm a Human Design newbie - is that okay?

Absolutely! You have nothing to worry about–I love guiding newbies through their Human Design in a way that’s relatable yet impactful. Whether you’re sceptical, curious, or head-over-heels excited, I’ll meet you where you’re at and tailor my language, approach, and depth of information to your needs.

Uhh wait! What exactly is Human Design?

I’m so glad you asked! Human Design is a system of understanding how your aura–your energetic body–best interacts with the world around you in the most efficient and effective way possible. As a tool, it’s essentially an operating manual for how you thrive–physically, spiritually, financially, creatively–and access more flow in your life and business (instead of struggling and pushing). From how you make aligned decisions, to how your mind is motivated, your Human Design chart reveals layer upon layer of energetic details that differentiate you from everyone else on the planet.

What does this mean for your business? Well, everything! But seriously, understanding and applying your Human Design in your business is how you tap into entrepreneurial ease. No more trying to become someone you’re not to succeed, following strategies that aren’t a fit for your natural energy, or constantly feeling frustrated, disappointed, bitter, or angry that you’re not where you want to be. Because there’s a path to business success that’s totally unique to you, and actually feels good.

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to get a reading with you?

Not at all! While Soulrush’s overall focus is entrepreneurs, these Human Design chart readings are perfect for any woman–business owner or not–who wants to deepen her self-awareness, use her energy with intention, and own who she came here to be.

I'd like to gift someone a reading–can I do that?

Absolutely–Human Design Readings make such amazing gifts! If you want to wear the “best gift giver of all time” crown, send an email to hello@soulrush.co or hop into my DMs on Instagram (@soulrush.co) so I can get you and your lucky recipient all set up.

Can I pay you to provide these sessions to my clients?

Yes! I love when other coaches or services providers want to include my Human Design services in their packages.  Having a Chart Reading or Unblock Your Biz Intensive as part of your package is a great way to enhance your client's experience, both in how you support them and the results they get. You get to continue doing what you do best (with additional insights into your client's energy!) and they reap the benefits of deep self-awareness. It's a total win-win!

To chat about what this could look like, please send me an email to hello@soulrush.co.

The AHAHs that I had about myself during my reading helped me to own my strengths and let go of trying to fix my weaknesses.

courtney chaal | business coach


All entrepreneurs should get a Human Design reading with Bria. You don't even have to believe in Human Design to get all of the benefits! I feel so much more empowered now and I've been able to say NO to things that don't light me up without trying to explain or justify why. I took 17 pages of notes during my session and refer to them FREQUENTLY.

Are you ready to

decode your chart?


Book your chart reading to start shifting your energy and aligning your life to your Human Design.

Decode Your Chart not for you? Try an Unblock Your Biz Intensive to experience the personal revelations and mindset shifts of aligning your business with your Human Design.