Business strategy as 

unique as your soul

Lost your motivation? Feel weighed down by 'shoulds'? Toned down your true self in an effort to grow your business? If you're nodding along, it's time to ditch one-size-fits-all strategy and carve an aligned path forward.



I see you: you’re scrolling Instagram for the nth time this morning, frustrated with yourself for breaking your phone-free-morning rule—again. As you scroll, your mind swirls with questions like, “Do I *have* to post today?” “How did she grow so quickly?” “Should I create a course, too?” With each swipe, your confidence and motivation dwindle while your to-do list grows.

And you’re hating on yourself for being so sidetracked and sidelined by their successes. You want to love your business–and have it love you back–but replicating their strategies (and trying to do everything else you *should* do) isn’t working. You’re officially stuck and ready to quit.

You just don’t get why your business doesn’t look like other women’s.

You started your business to make your own rules, not live by anyone else's

Truth? Your business isn’t stuck because you don’t have the *right* strategies or *enough* followers. It’s stuck because you haven’t aligned your business with how your soul was designed to show up in the world. Heck, you probably don’t even know you were designed to show up differently than the next girl because you’re too distracted by her “proven” strategies to tune into what feels aligned for you.


The key to unlocking
                   in your business

The key to unlocking
                  in your business





Unblock Your Biz is a two-hour strategy call to align your business with your Human Design.

It’s how you’ll get clear on what works for you in business—and why the expert strategies haven’t. It’s how you’ll embrace your true self and learn how to manage your energy, so you can start to show up intentionally and authentically in business—no more shoulds or stress, promise.

One session with you changed the entire course of my business!

isabel kateman
Founder, striped dog creative



Secure your date + get ready to feel excited about your business again

What's included in Unblock Your Biz?

A pre-call deep-dive into your business that's cathartic for you, and informative for me! With these details, I'll be able to pinpoint what we need address, and connect the dots to your Human Design. 

From uncovering energetic blocks and shifting mindset, to strategizing your business goals and brainstorming new ideas or solutions, we go deep to re-align and create momentum from all angles.

With your session recorded, you can be fully present instead of scrambling to take notes. Often, new insights arise with each listen, so revisit your audio whenever you need an energetic or strategic refresh.

2 hour strategy call


Audio recording

For quick implementation and reference, you'll receive detailed, actionable notes. Think clear next steps, recommendations, and personalized exercises or rituals for mindset & energy alignment.

custom Action steps & notes


investment is $444 usd

"I am amazed by the value I got from a single session–I 100% recommend Unblock Your Biz.

I can’t even explain how helpful it was, and how validating. Before my session I was struggling with overwhelm and burnout with my client work, and I couldn't see a path forward to improve things. Bria pinpointed exactly what was draining my energy and gave me such creative and strategic ideas for adjusting my business model based on my chart. Now I can see a path forward that is much more aligned with my gifts and energy patterns, and have an extensive list of very tangible ideas to try in my business! My coaching session completely shifted my outlook on my business, and I’m so excited to implement the changes she suggested!

Carissa erickson | Designer


Hi, I'm Bria—the Patrick to your David Rose.


I'm an energy alignment coach and 2/4 Generator, and I’ve been where you are, searching for the ever-elusive secret to success in yet another course or coach. Thanks to all the searching and shoulds, I burnt out with anxiety and depression. It took two years (and a lot of therapy!) before I reconnected with my authentic self through Human Design and started aligning my business and life with my energy—and when I did, everything started to flow.

My lit-up, Generator M.O. is mastering Human Design; diving deep into your chart to intimately understand how you work is how I work (Fear Motivation). I’ll empower you to love yourself and do business in your own natural way (Channel 34-10), and help you re-align anything blocking you from joyful business growth (Channel 58-18).

You can think of me as your business therapist–the Patrick to your David Rose, the wellness to your wealth, the salve to your stress–obsessed with helping you and your business to *finally* thrive on energetic authenticity, too. 


My Human Design chart will show you: I was made for this.

After we worked together things just blew up!
I implemented your suggestions and I literally booked out 37k in services last month, after being stuck in a plateau with no sales or inquiries.


NICOLe's income skyrocketed

what to expect

Unblock Your Biz Intensives are designed to bring your business and your natural energy back into harmony—like entrepreneurial acupuncture, we'll dance between the energetic and strategic to reroute your business from forced to flowing! Think energy alignment coaching meets practical business strategy, through the lens of your Human Design.

Here are some common examples of what we can do during your intensive: 


Inside Unblock Your Biz






Reimagine or restructure your offers to increase your income, free up your time, and support your natural energy

Leverage your natural superpowers in your marketing and content creation so you can show up aligned and magnetic

Unravel shoulds, release fears, and dismantle unhelpful conditioned beliefs that are blocking your success and draining your energy

Create rituals, practices and boundaries to manage your energy, sustain your alignment, and nurture your creativity

Reconnect with your soul path, your energetic gifts, and your inner authority to refine your business direction and clarify next steps

"Bria finally helped me to see how I can be the best possible leader without trying to be something I'm not.

I am working on building my business to one million in revenue and it is requiring me to show up in a bigger way. I'd been beating myself up for the past 2 years for not being better at the CEO role. After my session I am already able to let go of so many "shoulds" as the CEO of my business. I’d absolutely recommend Unblock Your Biz. I took oodles of notes and will refer back to the recording for months to come!



"After nobody bought my online course through my evergreen webinar funnel for weeks, 3 people signed up in the days after our session.

I've been taking huge steps this week and wanted to let you know about some changes I've seen after our session: almost immediately, someone inquired about 1:1 coaching and I sent them an informal offer; I got a message from someone praising my webinar and a loooong email from a client about how great her business is going now; I had a spontaneous idea in the shower, allowed myself to follow it, and already made a sale; my editor gave me great feedback on my book; and when I post stories on Instagram, I think about what you said and that takes the pressure off. I am very grateful–thank you!


lilli koisser | BUSINESS COACH




Here's how it all goes down


Once I receive your assessment, I dive in deep: from beliefs and shoulds, to tactics and strategies, I’ll use your Human Design chart and my spidey senses defined spleen to identify what’s misaligned.

When you book an Unblock intensive you’ll receive your Business Alignment Assessment, where you’ll pour your heart out about the state of your biz, how you’re feeling, and where you’d like to be instead.

Copious notes (and lots of ginger tea) later we’ll meet on Zoom–me armed with insights and you with an open mind–to unblock, realign, and create a way forward that’s most natural (and feel-good!) to you.





A few hours post-session you’ll receive a recording of our call plus a written recap of important notes, recommendations, exercises, and action steps we discussed so you can start implementing right away.



Secure your date + get ready to feel excited about your business again!

$444 USD

Since our session I have had a ton of new (and BIG!) ideas. I’m continuing to get value from our time together.

When we had our session I was in a period of self-discovery and change within my business/offerings; really just trying to figure out what that next best move was. I think I knew the offerings I was working on developing weren’t 100% in alignment; I regularly felt frustrated and like I was always scrambling to find flow and clarity. Bria’s recommendations during our session, and the prompts / resources she sent via email post call, were really insightful. I’ve already been able to incorporate some changes into my daily life and business that have helped limit that frustration/block I was regularly feeling.

maddy accessed creative flow

maddy odom | founder, hosted here

You feel weighed down by *shoulds* in your marketing, you’ve fallen out of love with your offers, or your business model is burning you out. Does it ever get to feel light?

Unblock Your Biz is           for you if...

Unblock Your Biz is          for you if...


You’re ready to make your energy your business strategy

Unblock Your Biz is nothing less than a wake-up call for the stressed out, burnt out business owner. The woman who works so hard for her business, she just might quit if it doesn’t start working for her. You’re ready to release yourself from shoulds, and design a business strategy around your energy with Human Design as our guide.


You don’t know how to apply your Human Design to your business, and you’re open to challenging your beliefs and approach with a fresh–aligned–perspective

Your business has stalled, you’re not making the money you want, and you’re feeling stuck. It’s time to do something different so you can regain your momentum.

After my session with Bria I had a clear pathway, and simple steps to work on that really helped propel me forward. Thank you!!




You might be wondering...


Got more questions?

How is this different from a Human Design Chart Reading?

Unblock Your Biz intensives are highly focused on your current business block, where chart readings are a more holistic look at your energetic blueprint. The goal of an Unblock session is to gain clarity on where you’re out of alignment in your business, and provide you with a tangible, aligned way to move forward that you can action immediately. This may involve shifts in strategy, business model, or offerings, as well as new mindset or energetic practices. While we can certainly touch on business / entrepreneurship in a chart reading, we won’t be able to go into the specifics of what’s working or not working from a topical, strategic perspective. 

Should I do a Chart Reading or Unblock Session first?

There’s no right or wrong place to start first, but consider what you’d most like to get out of your session:

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck in your business and would love to kick-start your momentum, an Unblock Your Biz session is most likely what you need right now.
Why? Because you’ll uncover the deeper, energetic root of this stuckness, shift back into an empowered state, and leave with business-specific insights, tools, and action steps to carry you forward (all aligned with your Human Design, of course). 

If you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner who wants to feel more connected to your worth, your superpowers, your purpose, or your path, a Decode Your Chart Human Design reading is most likely the right fit for you at this time. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of how to actually live as your energy type, so you can put your chart into action. Similarly, if you’re wanting a deeper understanding of your interpersonal dynamics, past experiences, or desires from an energetic perspective, a chart reading is the right fit for you.

In short, Business Intensives are highly focused on your current business block, while Chart Readings are a more holistic look at your energetic blueprint. Either way, you will leave feeling lighter, validated, and armed with new insights you can implement right away.

How much does an Unblock Your Biz Intensive cost?

These 2-hour intensive sessions are $444, and include a thorough, pre-call questionnaire, as well as an audio recording of the session and detailed notes, action steps, and personalized recommendations sent to your inbox.

*All prices are in USD and subject to additional taxes where applicable. 

Do I need to know my exact birth time to work with you?

Ideally yes, but if you don’t we can likely get around that. Let me explain:

While an exact birth time–to the minute–is very important in calculating your Human Design accurately (in the deeper layers, things can change minute by minute) it’s also possible to reverse-engineer a pretty solid and workable chart if you have a window within which you know you were born. For example, if you know your birth time is between 2-3pm, we can look for any variations within charts calculated at regular intervals during that hour, to pinpoint which features remain consistent, and which change (if any). For the elements that change, I can often ask you questions about those elements to infer which variation is likely to be correct for you. You’d be surprised how much resonance and inner knowing you’ll experience when we hit on your truth.

If you’re unsure whether this applies to you, please send me an email to or hop into my DMs on Instagram:

I'm a Human Design newbie - is that okay?

Absolutely! You have nothing to worry about–I love guiding newbies through their Human Design in a way that’s relatable yet impactful. Whether you’re sceptical, curious, or head-over-heels excited, I’ll meet you where you’re at and tailor my language, approach, and depth of information to your needs.

Uhh wait! What exactly is Human Design?

I’m so glad you asked! Human Design is a system of understanding how your aura–your energetic body–best interacts with the world around you in the most efficient and effective way possible. As a tool, it’s essentially an operating manual for how you thrive–physically, spiritually, financially, creatively–and access more flow in your life and business (instead of struggling and pushing). From how you make aligned decisions, to how your mind is motivated, your Human Design chart reveals layer upon layer of energetic details that differentiate you from everyone else on the planet.

What does this mean for your business? Well, everything! But seriously, understanding and applying your Human Design in your business is how you tap into entrepreneurial ease. No more trying to become someone you’re not to succeed, following strategies that aren’t a fit for your natural energy, or constantly feeling frustrated, disappointed, bitter, or angry that you’re not where you want to be. Because there’s a path to business success that’s totally unique to you, and actually feels good.

I've tried a lot of things already, will this actually work?

As a former spiritual sceptic, I get it. If you’re new to Human Design, spirituality, or energetics, you might feel wary of another "woo-woo" tool. (At least that’s how I felt when it first entered my awareness–4 years before I actually paid it any attention!) 
Instead of droning on about the science behind it (hey quantum physics and genetics!), I’ll share my personal experience: learning and integrating my own chart has been the most undeniably accurate reflection of who I am and how I work, on levels I’d never even had awareness of, let alone been able to articulate. What’s more, applying my chart to my business and bringing in energetically-aligned strategies has radically changed how I approach entrepreneurship, and my results. But don’t take my word for it.

My clients have seen results like:
  • booking new clients at higher rates
  • enjoying showing up and being themselves on Instagram
  • becoming flooded with new content ideas
  • tweaking their business model for better profits and more downtime
  • launching and selling new offers they’re actually excited to deliver
  • upholding boundaries that support their creativity and best work
  • bringing way more joy into their businesses and personal lives

I'd like to gift someone an Unblock Intensive–can I do that?

Absolutely–these sessions make such amazing gifts for your entrepreneurial friends! If you want to wear the “best gift giver of all time” crown, send an email to or hop into my DMs on Instagram ( so I can get you and your lucky recipient all set up.

Can I pay you to provide these sessions to my clients?

Yes! I love when other coaches or services providers want to include my Human Design services in their packages.  Having an Unblock Your Biz intensive or Chart Reading as part of your package is a great way to enhance your client's experience, both in how you support them and the results they get. You get to continue doing what you do best (with additional insights into your client's energy!) and they reap the benefits of deep self-awareness. It's a total win-win!

To chat about what this could look like, please send me an email to

100% tailored to you

Energetic alignment is individual–

Tired of those paint-by-numbers business strategies sending you on a guilt-trip while they gather digital dust bunnies? Me too. That’s why Unblock Your Biz intensives aren’t a one-size-fits-all experience. You already have a unique-to-you blueprint for success, we’re just going to illuminate it.


business strategy can be too


your business strategy can be too

I got a ton of value from our session. Now I have day to day strategies to become more magnetic in my business by aligning to my design. 

jj johnson

jj found her natural magnetism

Bria does an amazing job mixing the explanation of the chart with highly useful and easy to apply tools to help me align with my design. I feel like I have permission to do things in a way that feels good for me, and I'm looking forward to seeing better and easier results by embracing my design and letting go of the "shoulds" that have felt really draining.

Are you ready to

unblock your biz?


Book your Unblock Your Biz session to start shifting your energy and aligning your business to your Human Design.

Unblock Your Biz not for you? Try a Human Design Reading to experience the personal revelations and mindset shifts of integrating your Human Design into your everyday life.